Hi-End Lab R & D team of Germany has elites from various fields of electricity, chemistry, physics, music, and art. These elites not only have the most professional knowledge, but also have incomparable dedication and enthusiasm for audio. In order to pursue the most perfect audio performance, Hi-End Lab team is dedicated to finding unknown and the most neglectful audio detail processing, only taking all aspects of audio seriously, then reproduce perfectly the scene of instrumental performance and interpret the richest musical emotion.

We have developed varieties of audio performance gain attachments with outstanding effects and instant results: Magic Damper, Magic Fuse, Magic Solder⋯ etc. In addition to all products have through the most complete precision instrument tests, eventually are supplemented by ears repeated audition, correction and validation of music and art experts, it is really the best audio improving attachments of enhancing the audio overall performance and restoring recording significantly. Hi-End Lab team always believes that audio is the combination of scientific and technological strength and humanity arts, only paying attention to the humanity meaning of music, to restore the rich emotion transferred by music perfectly with scientific technology power, then, enable to create the ultimate audio system of Hi-End, This is not only the supreme key of achieving the perfect audio system, but also the ultimate goal of Hi-End Lab R & D team!